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About Durga Fuller

I am a healer. An ordained minister, I counsel, write, and lead workshops, groups, rites of passage, and depth initiations. I specialize in working with people with chronic and/or serious health diagnoses and/or their caregivers, helping them in their grief and rebirth as they shed old self-concepts and adjust to new identities. I am also a Death Doula, one who sits with the dying and guides families in caring for their dead. I am available to family members after a death as well, supporting the grieving process as it unfolds.

I am trained in Buddhist, Non-Dual, Voice Dialogue, NLP, The Psychology of Eating, Reiki, Neo-Shamanic and Neo-Pagan modalities. While I work internationally by telephone and video conference, my office is in Portland, Oregon, where I live with my husband and partner in self-realization, and my two amazing sons.

Are you ready for a truly human life and death?

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“I don’t often meet people who save my life but Durga is definitely one of those people. I’m not easy to teach or coach, but she is able to find a way through my immense thickets of resistance to say that one thing that allows me – and my rebellious and angry soul – to take steps forward towards my health. At age 55 I found a person I could trust implicitly to support, guide, and nourish my lonely, lost soul. As a healer and guide myself, with thirty years of experience, trust me – this was not predictable. I’ve been on a healing path for decades. I’m not going to sugar coat this – I am NOT easy to handle or ‘be with’ when I am tapping the levels of pain and grief I carry. Yet Durga has sat with me and witnessed my process with pure love and acceptance no matter what state I might be in. Doing my work with Durga seems alchemical.

Ashara Love Intuitive Wellness Support Guide, British Columbia




  • Intuitive and spiritual counseling, and grief support for people with serious or chronic diagnoses, and those that love them
  • Energy work
  • Doula for those at the end of life and beyond.

“Initially I went and saw Durga Fuller because I had just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I had been suffering on an emotional roller coaster after the loss of three family members. I knew I had to make changes in regards of caring for myself if I was ever to get control of my emotions, hashimoto’s and self. Durga was highly recommended to me for self-care counseling. I really didn’t know what to expect. In my past experiences with counseling, I found it wasn’t easy to establish a relationship with a counselor. However I felt an instant connection with Durga at the first session. Durga is professional, friendly, easy to talk to and very nurturing. She taught me things about myself that I wasn’t aware of nor did I know how to acknowledge. My entire life had always been focusing on others, however Durga was able to teach me how to focus on myself. She taught me what self-care is, which included physical, emotional and mental well bring. I would highly recommend Durga to anyone. We all of different ages and times in our lives can benefit from Durga’s guidance.”

Liz, Social Worker (retired), Scappoose, OR

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