The Cook Awakening

The Cook Awakening

Food related offerings:

    Grain and Sugar-Free Potlucks

    When we make changes in our eating patterns and other forms of self care, we can feel like we’re the only ones in the world that live like this. Not so! I host the potlucks as a community offering of tribe building.

    You are not alone. Come eat good, nourishing food with other people who are interested in healing and living a good life. Offered monthly on third Saturdays, see the home page for the next scheduled potluck.

    In the kitchen

    Cooking Classes

    Cooking classes are nutrient dense, gluten and dairy-free. Selected classes have a paleo/low carb/SCD/GAPS focus.

    Classes offered by request.

    Topics include:

    • Gluten-Free Sourdough – a traditional method with non-traditional ingredients: how to make it, bake it, pancake and flat bread it
    • Lacto-Fermented Vegetables – pickles, sauerkraut, and kim chi: health and yum!
    • Broth is Beautiful – bone broth, soups and stews for healing and wellbeing
    • The Low Carb Gap – grain, sugar and deprivation-free; baking with nut and coconut flours, sugar-free sweets, seed and nut crackers, and more
    • The Chicken Dance – many ways to prepare a chicken – how to cut it raw and cooked, present it attractively and use every bit!

    Have a favorite traditional foods or food allergen topic you don’t see here? Contact Durga and see about creating a class tailored to your needs.

    Call to schedule a class today. Host a class of 5 or more participants, and you receive that class free of charge!

    Request a class that Durga hosts, you and she will promote the class, and you receive the class for half price.

    Group class fees: $55 per person, four person minimum

    “Durga walks the talk and this comes through in her teaching style, which is hands-on full sensory. She shares a style of food preparation that has been largely lost through generations of genetic modification and mass production, giving us tools to create medicinal food in our own kitchens. My favorite so far has been the veggie pickling and sourdough starters, but she covers the gambit over tea and gluten-free hors d’œuvres. She makes it all so simple! Nearly all of my patients are making difficult diet changes, or at least reaching personal realizations about the diet’s relationship to health and I feel great lacing all of my treatment plans with flyers for Durga’s counseling and classes. Durga, you rule!”

    Allison Smith, ND
    Waterleaf Wellness Center

Good food!

About Cooking
Making changes in how you eat and live involves learning new skills. Pragmatic, hands on skills.

Many of us never learned how to cook growing up. In a culture that focuses on convenience foods, knowing your way around the kitchen is no longer a given.

If you did cook growing up, it’s likely to have included foods that you’re learning have compromised your health in some way.

Cooking is fun! Durga’s approach, as with all her work, involves developing and following your intuition and senses to discover what is delicious and nourishing for you. Remember when your mother told you not to play with your food? Well, you can forget that now. It’s time to dig your hands in – smell, taste, see, touch and love what will become your body and soul.

Recipes are simply suggestions. Find some that you like, and with Durga’s help, learn to improvise on their themes using ingredients that are good for you!

“Durga teaches with a perfect combination of skill, knowledge, experience, and compassion. She understands first hand the difficulty of staying with a diet that goes against the prevailing norms. She encourages self-forgiveness and realistic goals. This fosters real and lasting progress. Working with Durga has changed my approach to cooking and my attitude about food. It has opened me up to try things I’ve never tried before. It has significantly reduced the sense of overwhelm I am feeling in my transition to a gluten-free, low carb, paleo diet.”

David, Software Engineer
Portland, OR

Complimentary First-time Telephone Consultations!
To set one up, email me with times that work for you and your topics of interest.