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Shoots Through the Snow

March 6, 2011
Posted in: Seasonal Change

We’re in that awkward in-between place in the year. Where I am the bulbs have sprung, and in some cases, even started to bloom; trees and bushes are leafing and budding; the sun is rising earlier and setting later enough to really notice and rejoice in – and then comes another cold snap. I wonder – were the plants and my psyche confused and tricked? Or is this part of the natural transition from winter to spring? A little bit different every year, sometimes a smooth, steady, graceful treading gently uphill to warmth and new growth, and sometimes hiking over rockier terrain with many starts and stops. I can bemoan the process, judge it, deciding it’s sad for the daffodils to freeze right before they bloom, I’m tired of the gloom of overcast and chilly rain or snow, it’s been winter for months already! Or, I can touch into my own life force in these times and feel something that pulses deep and low, that informs me on another level.