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April 2, 2011
Posted in: Recipes

The Pacific Northwest is heavy with green. This is my second spring here, and while I find myself a little tired of the rain and gray skies (okay, a lot tired), I’m claiming it as my favorite season in Portland. The ground is saturated and verdant, and the riotous Mardi Gras parade of blooms leaves me breathless and in love. The contrast of bright colors amongst deep greens brings to mind fresh pesto with colorful vegetables to me, hence this article. It feels apropos to this time of fresh, new growth.

I choose to eat a low carb diet for health reasons – both specifically for health challenges, and because I feel it supports my overall wellbeing. My clients who also choose this lifestyle at some point in their process often hit a wall. A wall of boredom. “I’m so tired of meat and vegetables. I want some variety! Please! Some flavor and texture other than… meat and vegetables.” Even the clients who still eat grains and potatoes will feel this at times. Cutting out the unhealthy versions of any foods can leave a palate trained by processed junk unsatisfied at times.

There are many remedies to the problem. Alternative low carb flours for baking, nut and seed crackers for a little crunch, stevia sweetened chocolate are some of my favorites. But they all take effort and time. They’re certainly worthwhile to make for special occasions and when you have some leisure time and extra energy on your hands, but how often is that for most of us? I find something I can make once that will last me a few weeks, is easy to use and has multiple applications is a necessity.