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Healthy Holidays – Navigating the Festivities on a Special Diet

October 31, 2011
Posted in: Food Sensitivities, Integrating Lifestyle Changes, Living with Health Challenges, Seasonal Change

Published in New Connexion Journal.

Can you feel the pull? Just as the earth is winding down into darkness and cold, there’s an equal and seemingly opposite invitation to mingle and celebrate. It can feel burdensome at times, welcome at others. There’s a good reason for the festivities, as humans we need support when nature deprives us of light and warmth. We have to generate our own. Community is a beautiful means to help us through the dark times.

Having food sensitivities or health challenges that require a strict avoidance of certain foods can be difficult at this time. (more…)

Eggplant Gratin with Sun-Dried Tomato Marinara

October 23, 2011
Posted in: Recipes

Eggplant is a funny vegetable. I love the color and the flavor, but I’m a little uncertain about the health factors. They’re nightshades with not too much going for them otherwise. The other nightshades I indulge in sometimes – tomatoes are rich in lycopene, a potent antioxidant. Potatoes I avoid anyway, as too starchy. Peppers are also rich in antioxidants, and I eat them occasionally. But eggplant I don’t generally seek out.

My husband put some in the garden this summer, though, and tonight brought in a couple of the last little purple teardrops still hanging.

No more babaganoush, he’d asked a few weeks ago. No more breaded and fried, I thought. The minted salad I’d made a couple weeks ago with fresh tomato, blanched green beans, walnuts, raw olives and sheep feta was wonderful, but I didn’t want to repeat it.

So, I did what I often do when I’m stuck for ideas. I googled eggplant.


Comfort Food

October 21, 2011
Posted in: Integrating Lifestyle Changes, Just for Fun!, Living with Health Challenges, Recipes

Just a quickie – seems to be what I have time for these days.

I designed the following recipe for a client who needs to eat a grain-free diet to support her in healing from some severe gastrointestinal difficulties. She’s missing her comfort foods, in particular a rice casserole dish. I tested it out on some friends, and there were no leftovers 馃槈

Let me know if you try it!