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Italian “Sushi”

May 22, 2012
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In an earlier life I did corporate catering in downtown San Francisco. Lately, I’ve been revisiting a lot of our standard recipes from those days. And revamping.

One of my favorites was Aram sandwiches – lavash bread moistened until it was pliable, spread with a cream cheese and herbed feta spread, topped with sliced meats, fresh tomato slices, and lettuce leaves, then rolled tightly and sliced to make beautiful pinwheel sandwiches.

Thing is, lavash is made with wheat. So, I haven’t had an Aram sandwich in quite awhile.

I’ve tried making them with coconut flour crepes, and they’re beautiful and tasty. But very fragile and a lot of work! First you have to make the crepes, then you still have to make the sandwiches. More work than I want to do on most days.

A few months back a friend was visiting. She slapped together a quick snack for herself and her son while they were here – a sheet of nori seaweed spread with some nut butter, quickly rolled up and munched.

Hmmmm… I thought. That’s a wrap. Damn. That’s a really quick and easy wrap! It’s gluten-free, and low carb to boot.

Poached Pears

May 7, 2012
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This was my youngest’s idea. It’s not really the kind of dessert I gravitate to, sweeter than is good for my body. There’s not much about it that’s in season. But he was reading my newest cookbook, Paleo Comfort Foods, and how could I say no? My seven year old boy was reading a cookbook! And wanted to make something. And, it’s GAPS/SCD compliant, so at least HE could have it guilt free!

Getting ready.

So, here’s the recipe we made, somewhat adapted from the Mayfield’s version: