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A Prayer

May 10, 2020
Posted in: Seasonal Change

In this uncertain time, when there seems to be threat lurking and polarization everywhere, I offer this.

May all beings feel safe. May all beings have their needs met. May all beings be awake.

Late springtime backyard bouquet

For myself and for the collective

I call in resilience.

I call in the capacity to act when needed, to rest before depleted, and the discernment to know which is appropriate at any given time.

༄ I humbly request that there be wisdom infusing all decision making, that there be the capacity to listen to intuition and measured information, and use them in synergy.

༄ I call in compassion to meet fear and pain and anger, and clarity to know how to express that compassion in a way that helps calm and soothe and heal.

༄ I call in the remembrance that all things in the phenomenal world pass. All things pass.

༄ I call in blessings on those who die and blessings on those left behind.

༄ I call in the collective wisdom needed to learn from the current situation and the power and will to do what we can individually to create the change needed to further evolution infused with compassion.

༄ I call in the capacity to ride the waves of chaos and change with a relaxed and joyful discernment — engaged, loving, allowing the unfolding to be as it is, guided where it can be, surrendered to when it can’t.

༄ I call in the remembrance that all is connected. All is One.

༄ May all needs be met, even those needs that we don’t know we have.

On the Ladder

May 1, 2020
Posted in: Life on Life's Terms, Spiritual Practice

I’ve been dizzy. Feeling weird in my head, like my brain is a bit dislocated. Having a hard time connecting with my quarantine pod, my husband and two nearly adult kiddos. Tired. But, I can’t necessarily sleep, just feel tired. COVID-19 has changed our lives, and not much feels familiar.

I’ve been studying the Polyvagal Theory, research mainly associated with Stephen Porges, in my training with the META Institute. If you’ve studied the Polyvagal Theory, you can probably skim through the next 4 or 5 paragraphs, they’re a pretty basic explanation of that.

The Ventral portion of the Vagal nervous system is mainly located in the face, throat and neck. We are at ease when we’re in Ventral Vagal response, when we’re connected with people we feel safe with, when we can co-regulate our nervous systems together and find a feeling of security. This is the most complex part of our nervous system, the most recent to develop in evolution. It’s what gets activated, I’m convinced, when we’re at temple or church or on retreat with our spiritual communities. Our nervous systems need community to function properly, to be “happy”.

Many of us are used to hearing about fight, flight, and freeze as part of the Sympathetic nervous system response when we feel threatened, but in actuality how that works is a little more complicated.