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I had the pleasure to work with Durga as my guide, teacher, and coach for about 6 months in 2011. What I found through our process together was that I didn’t need to be fixed, there wasn’t something wrong with me, that maybe, in fact, everything really would be ok.

I am grateful to Durga for suggesting that we explore the Voice Dialogue process together. She is a skillful and sensitive practitioner in guiding this method. Through the voice dialogue work, I came to understand that each of us have a collection of “selves” or energy patterns that were formed in our lives, typically in childhood or early adulthood. Two of my more dominant selves included my “inner critic” and my “hard worker”. Through our process journey together I am now more aware of when my critic or worker might be triggered and can often use this awareness to skillfully navigate these situations.

I truly feel this work with Durga has opened up space for me to fully show up in ways that therapy and other modalities touched on but did not seem to get the core of. Not every day is perfect or easy but somehow, I feel more free and that is a truly great gift.

I am grateful for the wisdom, kindness, and expertise Durga showed throughout our work together.”

K.L., HR Consultant, Portland OR

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