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End of Summer

August 26, 2015
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Ahhh, summer winding down. I just returned from a blissful and much needed 2 weeks of relaxation on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, after working quite a bit harder than I could really handle gracefully for a number of weeks.

Winnipesaukee Sunset

Winnipesaukee Sunset

I wish I could say that my self-care is always perfect, but I’d be lying through my teeth. Sometimes, life demands what it demands, and the best I can do is surrender to what needs to be done. Goddess Gather was a great success, and I have no regrets. But, my health is still too fragile to support the kind of hard work required to put on an event of the scope and complexity of the vision we hold for the Gather.

What I am particularly grateful for, besides the fact that Goddess Gather went well, is that when my health takes a hit, I know what to do. Hallelujah! Sleep, take time alone, eat well, take my herbs and supplements, avoid caffeine and alcohol for the most part, meditate in all the ways I know to do. Snuggle with the family. Walk and swim. Talk about my dreams and my drivenness.

I suspect most of you can relate to the drive to DO – it’s a cultural expectation, and it can be hard to see through to the truth of what our body/mind/soul needs in addition to being busy. Balance is hard to achieve. We need meaningful work! But, we also need meaningful play, rest, and beauty. I’m committed to keeping that balance in my heart as I get back to my office and seeing clients. There’s space in my schedule if you are interested in this inquiry yourself. Email me or give me a call.

High school starts tomorrow for my 14 year old, and I know many of you are looking at getting back to school at least in a couple weeks. Tomorrow feels soon! Here’s a link to an article I posted a few years back on packing nourishing lunches for kids – and for yourself, for that matter! Not only kids need a good lunch on the go.

One more thing and I’ll let you go – the next Paleo Potluck here at my house is on September 12th from 11 am – 2 pm, and Chef Ryan Abitz of the Urban Gourmet is offering another Full Moon Feast that evening! He calls these the “Secret Supper Society”, and he whips up a fabulous 5 course Paleo Feast. My son (now in high school, oh my… did I already say that?) will be playing cello to add to the ambiance of eating and enjoying the evening light and air. We gather at Jean’s Urban Farm in Johnson Creek in SE Portland. Please, join us! Here’s a link to Ryan’s Meetup for that event for more information. If you already know you want to come, email him directly to get your ticket – $49 for an elegant evening of well sourced and prepared food, dreamy music, and great community.

Happy end of summer to you, enjoy the blackberries, pears, and late harvest. We’re grilling summer squash and delicious lamb these days. Mmmmmm……

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