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How It Works

There are a few key principles at play in my work.

Unresolved parts of our lives, past or present, affect our nervous systems and show up as stuck energy. This can include our ancestral stories. This energy blockage can show up in many ways — as emotional pain, as physical illness, as inflammation, as fatigue, as restlessness, and many more symptoms. Our bodies and psyches are doing their best to compensate for this blocked energy.

We can’t change the past, but we can change our relationship to it, bring loving attention to this pain, which can allow it to unwind at it’s own pace.

When we bring loving attention to the parts of our nervous system that hold pain, we also strengthen the parts of ourselves that are NOT in pain, that are NOT stuck. That loving attention can take a number of different forms, including spiritual practices, psychological modalities, and making lifestyle changes.

༄ Unlike many practitioners, I work in a holistic manner, addressing life on spiritual, psychological, and physiological levels.

I go into more detail about some of the ways this can work in Spiritual Practices 101, a self study course, and in my newsletters. Sign up for my newsletter and you’ll receive that link free of charge! Spiritual Practices 101, a home study course, is a workshop put together by my husband and I. This is a taste of what I offer, and it could help you in very immediate, palpable ways.

Or, are you wondering about who I am? Go to the About page to read more about me.



I don’t often meet people who save my life but Durga is definitely one of those people.

I’m not easy to teach or coach, but she is able to find a way through my immense thickets of resistance to say that one thing that allows me – and my rebellious and angry soul – to take steps forward towards my health. At age 55 I found a person I could trust implicitly to support, guide, and nourish my lonely, lost soul.

As a healer and guide myself, with thirty years of experience, trust me – this was not predictable. I’ve been on a healing path for decades. I’m not going to sugar coat this – I am NOT easy to handle or ‘be with’ when I am tapping the levels of pain and grief I carry.

Yet Durga has sat with me and witnessed my process with pure love and acceptance no matter what state I might be in. Doing my work with Durga seems alchemical.

Ashara Love Intuitive Wellness Support Guide, British Columbia

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