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Is This You?

These are some of the life situations my clients have found themselves in. Do any of them sound familiar?

You have a diagnosis. Life was moving along just fine, whether you were in great shape and used to accomplishing a lot, or were used to having ups and downs with mood and energy. Or, perhaps you’ve sustained an injury. You report some nagging symptoms to your doctor, who orders tests and BAM — it’s something chronic.

Or, there’s no diagnosis, your doctor might say something like “it’s just stress” or something equally unsatisfying, but you know you’re not healthy. You don’t feel well, you know you need to make some changes, and you feel some mixture of dismay, fear, uncertainty, resentment. Sometimes you just want to give up.

Or, perhaps the test results are very serious. Suddenly you’re in a swirl of unfamiliar and frightening activity — appointments with specialists, more blood work, treatment options… you’re overwhelmed, confused and scared. Life feels very uncertain.

Or, the diagnosis is not only serious, it may be terminal. Everything has changed. Life feels certain in a very particular way. You have no idea how to navigate this reality.


You have been living with a chronic condition for awhile, and you’ve found some balance with it. You have your good and bad days, and you’ve learned how to roll with that, take care of yourself, get rest, eat reasonably well. You may have a spiritual practice. Over time, though, you’re noticing that you’re more enduring than really living. You realize you’re missing something, there must be more to life than this.


A loved one’s health goes through changes. Perhaps it’s gradual, perhaps sudden, but their need for your involvement and help is increasing. You’re finding you have complicated feelings about the change. You’re overwhelmed, not knowing how to balance the needs of your personal life with the needs of your loved one. You might be feeling like your health is taking a hit from the stress you’re feeling — you’re not eating well, you’re tired, you may feel depressed.


Someone close to you has died. Whether it was sudden, or after an illness, you are having a really hard time. Perhaps you’re not really having a hard time, and you’re thinking you should be feeling worse, you feel a bit numb. Either way, what you’re feeling is new territory for you. You feel confused and incapacitated in some way.

Do any of these stories sound like you?

You can start with signing up for my newsletter and receiving the free download of Spiritual Practices 101, a home study course, put together by my husband and I. It explains what spiritual practice is, and includes a number of recorded guided meditations. This is a taste of what I offer, and it could help you in very immediate, palpable ways.

Or, are you wondering about what I do? I go into that more on the How It Works page.


Generally, I work with people who:

have been diagnosed with a chronic illness

don’t have an official diagnosis, but don’t feel well consistently

have been diagnosed with a serious illness

have received a diagnosis in the past from which they’ve recovered, but still feel unresolved emotions around

are in a caregiving role for someone with a diagnosis

were in a caregiving role, and that person has died

have had a family member or other person close to them die, and feel the need for support

My approach will work best for folks with these qualities and interests:

You are interested in strengthening your understanding of what spirituality means in your life, whether through the path of an organized religion, or through a more eclectic, non-denominational approach.

Self-love and self-care may be hard for you.

You are ready to consider making changes in how you live, and how you approach your life.

You may be aware that many of the messages you get through our culture just don’t work for you.

You are longing to live a heart centered, soul nourishing life.


“Initially I went and saw Durga Fuller because I had just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. I had been suffering on an emotional roller coaster after the loss of three family members. I knew I had to make changes in regards of caring for myself if I was ever to get control of my emotions, hashimoto’s and self.

Durga was highly recommended to me for self-care counseling. I really didn’t know what to expect. In my past experiences with counseling, I found it wasn’t easy to establish a relationship with a counselor.

However, I felt an instant connection with Durga at the first session. Durga is professional, friendly, easy to talk to and very nurturing. She taught me things about myself that I wasn’t aware of nor did I know how to acknowledge. My entire life had always been focusing on others, however Durga was able to teach me how to focus on myself. She taught me what self-care is, which included physical, emotional and mental well being.

I would highly recommend Durga to anyone. We all of different ages and times in our lives can benefit from Durga’s guidance.”

Liz, Social Worker (retired), Scappoose, OR

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