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Poached Pears

May 7, 2012
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This was my youngest’s idea. It’s not really the kind of dessert I gravitate to, sweeter than is good for my body. There’s not much about it that’s in season. But he was reading my newest cookbook, Paleo Comfort Foods, and how could I say no? My seven year old boy was reading a cookbook! And wanted to make something. And, it’s GAPS/SCD compliant, so at least HE could have it guilt free!

Getting ready.

So, here’s the recipe we made, somewhat adapted from the Mayfield’s version:

Poached Pears

5 bosc pears
1 quart pure pomegranate juice
2 oranges
a few sticks of cinnamon
2 inches fresh ginger, sliced and crushed slightly with the flat of a knife

Core and peel the pears. The Mayfields recommend using a melon baller, digging in from the bottom of the pears until the seeds were all gone, and it worked great.

Juice the oranges.

Make sure the oldest serenades appropriately. (It really makes it taste better.)

Place the pears in a pan with all the other ingredients, and simmer for a half an hour, until soft but not mushy.

Remove the cooked pears to a serving dish. Restrain the youngest from eating immediately.

Replace the pot on the stove and bring the juice and spices to a boil. Allow to reduce by about 3/4, until syrupy. Pour over the pears, straining out the ginger and cinnamon.


Yes, I had one. It was fresh and spicy and sweet and sour and amazing. All the more so because my youngest (mostly) made it.

And, it would have been better in the fall when pears were actually in season – but he was reading the cookbook in May. I’ll take what I can get.

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3 Responses to “Poached Pears”

  1. Jenn Says:

    This sounds excellent! Which pomegranate juice did you use?

  2. admin Says:

    I often use Knudsen’s “Just Pomegranate”. It’s spendy, though! Around $10.

    Just realized Trader Joe’s has one for closer to $6. I know Lakewood makes one as well.

    I’m not too picky.

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