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There’s a few ways we could work together. Take a look and see what resonates.

Grounding in Uncertain Times a weekly women’s drop-in Zoom meet up
Mini Talks, Guided Meditations, and Group Check-in

You may be feeling isolated and anxious, and a bit confused about how to be in a global pandemic. As are we all. Come to a virtual meet up, settle your nervous system with some soothing words, and share your heart, whatever wants to flow. An easy way to drop in, touch base, and be nourished. One weekly group for women. Go here for more information.

One on One Counseling, in person or by video conference

You have a unique situation that is confusing and causing you pain. You get all of me, all my attention, with all the emotional and spiritual tools I have that are appropriate to you and your life. Sessions scheduled once a week or every other week, either in person or by video conference. Go here to read more.

Transformational Coaching, one on one video conference sessions

You are ready to drop under the level of the painful or confusing story and meet your suffering on the energetic and physiological level. The best way to work with me on a one-session-at-a-time basis, hone in on what’s really wanting attention in your life right here, right now and connect with it directly in the body. More about that here.

Your Year To Live, a home study course

You are realizing you’re going to die. Not necessarily next week or next month, but for whatever reason your denial has been shaken about the fact that “everyone will die someday” includes YOU. What now?

12 monthly recorded audio files that guide you through the process of coming to terms with death, what happens, what makes it easier, gentle approaches to face what may feel unface-able. Go here to learn more.

Lights in the darkness


“When I contacted Durga, I was feeling, at age 66, stopped cold by ‘wrong’ choices made much earlier in life, in dead ends, that left me feeling very regretful, and immobile. Steven Levine’s book, ‘One Year to Live,’ caught me. Was I really just waiting to die? Why not face death now, while I was still here? Just in case there was something beyond my own life assessments – waking up, discovering what might be, beyond my conclusions.

Working with Durga had me face my borders, my impossibilities. The sessions went back and forth, as she both witnessed me very compassionately, and gently prodded me on, over my head, as I verbalized and felt my unbearables. Voicing and facing this opened up new territory for me, in which, crucially, I was not alone. The sessions themselves, with the safety she provided, and then viewing our session videos on my own, brought me to new ground.

I am now in life renewal. Having a trusted partner in this tender and often confusing process made all the difference. Going off the end of the game board, into blank newness, needs reliable guidance and affirmation. Durga provides that, both with her considerable experience, and her great compassion and commitment to her clients. She combines both love and competence, on these journeys of expansion into the unknown. I highly recommend this rare and gifted guide.”

Richard Abbot, small business owner
Northern California

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To set one up, contact me with times that work for you and your topics of interest.

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