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“Your articles and blog posts offer deeply personal and profound wisdom. In your open sharing of your journey, I see some of my own challenges and triumphs reflected, and I gain another perspective that always feels compassionate and grounded. Thank you for telling your own stories and offering your hard-earned wisdom!”

Kristine Backes, Soul Guide
Livingston, MT

I want you to know that you’re not alone with your challenges. Grieving a death, whether it’s an actual death of a loved one, or all the changes that come with a diagnosis, loss of health, or really any major change in life, can feel very isolating.

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It’s important to have concrete tools that you can count on during hard times. Spiritual practices, while not everything we need to get through a death or diagnosis, are a great way to help our minds and hearts find some stability when it feels like our world is falling apart. I consider them foundational to mental and emotional health.

Spiritual Practices 101, a home study course, was put together by my husband Tom and I. It’s a simple, accessible entry point to the world of spirituality. Whether you are new to meditation and visualizations, or this is not your first exposure, our workbook will help provide context and information, and the recordings are something you can use to help stay present during your practice periods until you develop the confidence to lead yourself. There’s a bit more information to the right on this page.

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Spiritual Practices Home Study Course

About Spiritual Practices 101, a home study course

Spiritual practice can take many forms. Research shows that the benefits from having a regular practice are far reaching, including profound stress reduction and personal healing. Which form is for you? This home study course includes a workbook containing an overview of practices, suggestions about how to incorporate a practice into your life, and other valuable information, plus a number of audio recordings of guided meditations. Follow up support is available.

You can make lasting, positive change! Learn how to incorporate a practice into your busy life.

Direct Access Techniques™ are a body of traditional practices learned over the last 30 years and adapted to the needs of our modern world. Trained in Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Transpersonal Psychology, NLP, Deep Mythology, Neo-Pagan, Neo-Shamanic modalities and more, Tom and I have synthesized these practices to help you find a greater attunement with who you truly are, and ways to live in this world with greater ease and freedom.

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“Thanks again for the amazing class!

I really appreciated the portion where you talked about state change & state acceptance; Jnani (Path of Knowledge) & Bhakti (Path of Devotion) – I’m seeing clearly some underdeveloped portions of my practice! Specifically the thing you mentioned about zooming past state acceptance to state change.

Feeling so grateful for your & Tom’s gentle guidance!”

Dori Oliver
Owner, Dori’s Gluten-Free Kitchen
Portland, OR

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