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Welcome to the Spiritual Practices Home Study Course!

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Please, read the prologue before you read the workbook or listen to the guided meditations, there is information there that you’ll need to understand the practices fully.

The first recording is 45 minutes long, the second 30 minutes, the third is about 40 minutes and the 4th runs 20 minutes. You’ll want to have your volume turned up high. Earphones are recommended. These meditations are designed to be performed in a quiet, undistracted space. Please, give yourself the gift of carving out time in your busy day for your spiritual development. The third meditation is a somewhat less intensively guided meditation from the morning of our second class, focusing on concentration on the breath, and opening into awareness of sound.

Contact me when you’re finished to share how it went for you, I’d love to know! I’m also available to answer any questions you may have, and schedule one of one sessions if you are interested in doing further work. This course is just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

Read me first!

Workbook link

Listen now by clicking below or click here to download the audio files.

Concentration On the Breath and Mindfulness:

Archetype Practice:

Reunion Concentration Practice:

20 minute meditation on the breath:


Tom and Durga


Thanks again for the amazing day! I was blissed out when I left. After reflecting I think my favorite part was lunch and the meditations surrounding it!

As you know, food is a major part of my life so it was awesome to have time and space to soak in the foods. I really appreciated the portion where you talked about state change & state acceptance; Jnani (Path of Knowledge) & Bhakti (Path of Devotion) – I’m seeing clearly some underdeveloped portions of my practice! Specifically the thing you mentioned about zooming past state acceptance to state change.

Feeling so grateful for your & Tom’s gentle guidance!

Dori Oliver Owner,
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