The Cook Awakening

Transformational Coaching

If you’re like most people in this culture, you probably tend to live life in your head, hovering above feeling states that you may not know how to meet skillfully. Or, you may feel your feelings acutely, and they feel overwhelming.

The thing is, we carry our life events in our bodies. Our nervous systems register the painful and blissful and boring experiences we have, and if we don’t feel safe to fully connect with the things that happen, then those impressions get stuck in our physical being.

There are concrete tools you can learn to meet that stuck energy, in a very direct way, with compassion and gentleness. So many of us tend to be critical of ourselves when we don’t feel good all the time. We think we’re supposed to know how to manage a wide range of human emotions, when most of us really only got training in our family life as kids about how to manage a narrow range of feelings that were acceptable to our parents or other caregivers.

This is a newer offering which I’m very excited about! After attending retreats with Lawrence Conlan of Passionate Ease beginning in May of 2016, I was invited to step into the role of offering one on one coaching using this powerful modality.

Sessions take place through Zoom video conferencing, and are recorded for you to view later. They are generally between 45 minutes and an hour and a half long. It’s recommended that you allow a full hour and a half when scheduling, as taking the time to lie down for a few minutes after a session is beneficial to allow for integration.


I’m pleased to be able to offer this on a donation basis. Suggested donation is $1 to $2 per minute, with a minimum suggestion of $45, but whatever works for you is perfect. It’s important to me that you have sessions if you want them, so make the fee work for you!


The transformational coaching session with you felt like a dose of unconditional love – from you, from myself, from the Universe – at a time when I really needed it.

You are such a master at holding space for someone with compassion and gentle strength, that I was able to relax and relinquish control – something very difficult for me!

The methods you used in the session are deceptively simple, but powerful. Although I have yet to watch the recording, I have reminded myself to practice ‘unmeditation’ a few times since. Even though the practice isn’t new, it feels renewed through our session together.”

Kristine Backes, Soul Guide
Livingston, MT

Fire burning


“I’ve been receiving help from Durga for a few months now and am so grateful!
I’m a very sensitive person who has survived an extreme amount of trauma.
I’m very careful about who I work with and choose to support me in my healing.
One of the things I love and appreciate the most about Durga is her sensitivity. I trust her.

Durga is aware of when to encourage me and when to pause and not give those nudges. This creates safety and a willingness, on my part, to continue.

Since receiving these sessions, I’ve had more moments of peace and ease. I love the breathing process I’ve learned and find it very helpful when I’m emotional and stressed. I use it anytime, anywhere and, it’s so effective!”

Linda Resca, MS
Care Manager/Consultant
Portland, OR

Complimentary First-Time Telephone Consultations!
To set one up, contact me with times that work for you and any questions you have.