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Welcome to 2020!

January 9, 2020
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It’s a big time. Can you feel it? It’s obvious on the planetary level, so much conflict and structures breaking down politically and environmentally.

Most people that I talk to, clients, friends, and family, are experiencing the last year as being a time of deconstruction in many ways. Some examples include:

༄ Feeling like identity is breaking apart
༄ Loved ones dying
༄ Relationships ending
༄ Important events being canceled for reasons beyond their control
༄ Being assailed by doubts about whether what’s really desired is possible
༄ Feeling betrayed by loved ones
༄ Deeply understanding that patterns of being (jobs, relationships, living situations) are totally unsustainable, and not knowing what to do about it

It can feel like trying to pick up sand or water with your hands and having it just run through your fingers.

There are astrological influences that are at play right now that have been effecting the last year or more. I want to give a shout out to Emily Trinkaus who explains it all far better than I can. Here’s a recording of her class describing the Pluto-Saturn conjunction that’s happening on Sunday, January 12th, and will be felt for a few days, and will lay in energies that will last 35 + years, and this is her class on the Cancer full moon lunar eclipse happening tomorrow, Friday, January 10th.

For here, suffice it to say, the last year has been about structures falling apart (that need to fall apart!) to make way for new structures that support more current truths. It’s a time of a LOT of energy moving that can feel overwhelming, and not necessarily knowing where it’s going and what we’re supposed to be doing. It can be challenging!

Really feel into this. What do you want for your next 35 years? This is like a New Year’s intention on steroids. Get specific, and get broad. What do you want to be doing, what do you want for your community, what do you want for the planet? What kind of flexible structures will be needed to support these intentions coming to fruition?

It’s a GREAT time to get support. As Katie Todd, a dear friend and guest on one of the classes linked above, offered, “we’re not meant to do this alone”. One of the astro influences is the completion and beginning of a 35 + year cycle, that includes some aspects that weren’t true when it started 37 years ago. It’s something we’ve likely never experienced before.

That can lead to some fear and uncertainty.

Part of the benefit of working with a counselor, or any type of healer, is something I’ve written about before — we are interdependent. Our nervous systems actually feel the stability, or lack of stability, of other folks’ nervous systems.

That attunement gets laid into place in infancy, if all goes well — we learn to co-regulate, and then to self-regulate, with our closest caregivers. And… sometimes that’s interrupted. By illness, or neglect, or abuse. So, when you spend focused time with a practitioner who devotes their attention on you and your wellbeing, there’s a profound healing that can happen in that simple, powerful presence, in addition to whatever techniques they might bring to bear in your sessions. Literally, my nervous system helps your nervous system calm down.

I have a tradition of offering a New Year Special. I feel doubly committed to it this year, given the powerful influences that are coming to bear right now.

The New Year Special is in effect through January 31st, 2020. If you are a new client and you start counseling during this time, your first month of counseling is half price when you commit to at least 6 sessions of work. That means if you come every two weeks, your first 2 sessions are half price. If you come every week, your first 4 sessions are half price!

Contact me today to start this powerful process. You deserve it.

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