Grounding in Uncertain Times

Online Mini Talks, Guided Meditations, and
Group Check-in

COVID-19 has changed our lives.

It can be hard to know where to put our attention.

The news is awful, if you think you can trust it. If you don’t, that’s awful news.

Whether you’re working harder than you’ve ever worked because you’re in an essential profession, or suddenly you’re completely or partially unemployed; whether you’re young and healthy or not so young and not so healthy; whether you’re in an area with a Shelter-in-Place order or not — COVID-19 has changed your life.

Even if you’re feeling relatively unaffected personally, there’s anxiety in the greater field of human awareness. I can feel it, can you?

We need one another. The physical distancing we’re being asked to do is important, but it has some very real consequences. Even us introverts need some contact! Fear for our own or loved ones’ health is a palpable weight for many of us.

What a blessing technology can be for this! Join me for a weekly online women’s meetup.

I’ll share a few thoughts to begin with, which may be in the form of a poem or reading, offer a brief guided meditation designed to help your nervous system relax, and then open the group for individual sharing. Drop in for some or all of the time, and know that there’s no pressure to share. Your sharing can be personal, or a poem, song, or reading that feels meaningful for the times.

Engage in a way that feels nourishing for you. We need one another.

The mini talk and guided meditations will be recorded and made available on my YouTube channel and on Insight Timer, so don’t worry about missing out if you can’t make it in real time.

These are stressful times, and that stress will be experienced differently for all of us, depending on the shape of our lives. I encourage us all to give one another plenty of space and support to experience exactly what we’re experiencing, resist the temptation to fix or solve problems for one another, and keep any judgments to ourselves about what or how someone is sharing. Assume we are all doing our best.

Come hang out, settle your nervous system with some soothing words, and share your heart. Laughter and tears encouraged, numbness and fears held.

I reserve the right to drop anyone from a call who exhibits phobic behavior toward anyone of marginalized identity. If you notice micro-aggressions that I miss, please let me know.


༄ Weekly Virtual Women’s Meetup
Tuesday evenings from 7 — 8 pm (US Pacific Time)
(Let me know if you’re interested in a mixed gender group and I will consider it!)

༄ Talks and guided meditations recorded and posted online here

༄ Personal sharing will not be recorded to ensure confidentiality.

༄ Via Zoom video conferencing

༄ All meetings are drop-in, no commitment required.

༄ Come for the guided portion only, or stay and connect if that feels good.

༄ I envision this as a soothing break from the intensity of the times, with an opportunity to share if desired.

༄ I offer this process freely, because I think we need this work to be available in the world. And, I’m a human being with financial needs.

༄ Suggested donation $1 — $15 per meeting.

More would be gratefully accepted! Less would also be gratefully accepted.

Make it work for your financial situation. I trust you to honor me, honor yourself, and honor our time together.

Contact me for more information and to register.