The Cook Awakening

Sometimes life hands you intolerable circumstances. It can be hard to know what to do, how to respond. You may find yourself in resistance, just wishing it would stop, that your situation and/or your feelings would just go away.

What if I told you that:

  • your resistance could be making things worse?
  • you could find a way to face your life with love and compassion for yourself and those around you, and move forward with all the inner strength you may feel is eluding you?
  • you may have more resources available to you than you know?
  • you could learn concrete skills to help you navigate what feels impossible?
  • Individual spiritual counseling:

    Individual counseling – in person or by telephone or video conference if you are out of the Portland metro area.

    Together we will explore your:

    • personal well-being and spiritual practice definition and goals
    • in-depth history that has led to your current situation
    • needs for making self-acceptance and change sustainable
    • living situation as it pertains to supporting self-care and spiritual practice

    One on one sessions are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly

    Contact me to schedule your complimentary initial telephone consult and for current pricing.

    or phone 503.422.8346

    Transformational Coaching:

    This is a newer offering which I’m very excited about! After attending retreats with Lawrence Conlan of Passionate Ease beginning in May of 2016, I was invited to step into the role of offering one on one coaching using this powerful modality. I’m pleased to be able to offer this on a donation basis. Suggested donation is $1 to $2 per minute, with a minimum suggestion of $45, but whatever works for you is perfect. It’s important to me that you have sessions if you want them, so make the fee work for you!

    Sessions take place through Zoom video conferencing, and are recorded for you and for Lawrence to view later. They are generally between 45 minutes and an hour and a half long. It’s recommended that you allow a full hour and a half when scheduling, as taking the time to lie down for a few minutes after a session is beneficial to allow for integration.

    Contact me for more information about this offering:

    or phone 503.422.8346

    Group events:
    Each class or workshop focuses on the dance of our life in the world in its myriad forms. See the events page for current schedule.

    Testimonials for Transformational Coaching

    “The transformational coaching session with you felt like a dose of unconditional love – from you, from myself, from the Universe – at a time when I really needed it. You are such a master at holding space for someone with compassion and gentle strength, that I was able to relax and relinquish control – something very difficult for me! The methods you used in the session are deceptively simple, but powerful. Although I have yet to watch the recording, I have reminded myself to practice ‘unmeditation’ a few times since. Even though the practice isn’t new, it feels renewed through our session together.”

    Kristine Backes, Soul Guide
    Livingston, MT

    “I’ve been receiving help from Durga for a few months now and am so grateful!

    I’m a very sensitive person who has survived an extreme amount of trauma.

    I’m very careful about who I work with and choose to support me in my healing.

    One of the things I love and appreciate the most about Durga is her sensitivity. I trust her.

    Durga is aware of when to encourage me and when to pause and not give those nudges. This creates safety and a willingness, on my part, to continue.

    Since receiving these sessions, I’ve had more moments of peace and ease. I love the breathing process I’ve learned and find it very helpful when I’m emotional and stressed. I use it anytime, anywhere and, it’s so effective!”

    Linda Resca, MS
    Care Manager/Consultant
    Inspired Elder Care
    Portland, OR


    About Counseling:

    Living with grief is hard. Living with the hard truths of our world, both personal and on a larger scale can feel impossible. You deserve support on that journey.

    Solstice candles

    Lights of Intention

    Counseling helps shine the light on a confusing, often unconscious process.

    With experience and training in the following modalities and forms:

    • Transformational Coaching — ongoing training with Lawrence Conlan, beginning in 2016
    • Voice Dialogue — 2 year training with Deborah Morris
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) — 6 month training with Lasara Firefox Allen
    • Non-dual spiritual paths — more than 25 years training with Christopher Titmus, Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Adyashanti and more
    • Depth initiations — 2 year training and 6 years facilitating The Living Mysteries of Eleusis with the Magickal Cauldron
    • Energy work — Reiki Master Level Attunement in 1991
    • Shamanic healing — 2 year training with Skye Wolfe MacGregor
    • Guided meditations — culled from many trainings listed
    • Death Doula I and II training — A Sacred Passing
    • Conscious Dying and Sacred Art of Dying training — Sacred Crossings
    • No One Dies Alone (NODA) volunteer since 2016
    • End of life counseling — see end of life trainings above
    • Holistic Nutrition Lab Full Body Systems 2 year training
    • Psychology of Eating — 6 month training

    “Durga is a powerful, connected and intuitive healer. From a place of deep sensitivity and awareness she gracefully steps into her work as a counselor. In sessions with her, I feel comforted and supported in a way that allows me to be in touch with the more difficult and vulnerable parts of myself that need some attention. She is spiritual in a very flexible way that supports me in tapping into my own mysterious power. Our work together guides me on the path of being my most authentic self and expanding energetically in ways that were difficult for me to previously imagine. Durga is a true gem of a human being.”

    P. M. Licensed Acupuncturist
    Portland, OR

    “Durga’s approach exactly suited me. She taught me to seek out the seat of my hurts where they had taken up residence in my body and to speak to them, to find out their needs and to be present with the wounded parts of my Self. She was the supportive and warm presence I needed, and she made herself available after hours as well for texts or calls, if necessary. At the end of each session, she encouraged me to take on an “assignment” for the coming two weeks until the next session, and she wrote it down to help me remember my resolutions. I was so glad to have that gentle accountability. After years of stop and go, this was the time when the way began to be clear! I experienced a speed and ease of change and growth that I never believed possible. And Durga has been a warm, wild, firm presence, guiding me through an often painful transformation. I have been able to make some vital changes and begin to alter dramatically my relationship to myself and the world, bringing a quality of love and mindfulness I could never even see before.”

    K. F. Botanist
    Portland, OR

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