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Your Year To Live

Current group in process – scroll down to hear the free intro class from January 5th, 2017. Our new program begins late February, 2018. All one on one coaching sessions conducted by Zoom Video Conferencing.

What would be possible for you if you could approach your own eventual death with curiosity and acceptance?

How would that change your life today?

Lake Winnipesaukee sunset

Beautiful endings

We have learned a profound resistance to the idea of death in our culture and it keeps us living small, fearful, and so limited in our experience.

What if gently turning toward that fear and resistance held the key to profound freedom and peace? Would you be willing?

Are you finally ready to access the vital life force that’s been bound up for decades in avoidance? This life energy is who you are! It’s your birthright to enjoy.

Based loosely on Stephen Levine’s book “A Year to Live”, Durga is offering this opportunity to take a deep dive in committing to yourself in a way you never thought possible, and understand what it means to be fully ALIVE.

Are you ready to live a life of fearlessness?

THAT’S a truly human life.

Home study recordings will be released in late February.
One on one coaching sessions will be scheduled separately, and are covered by the registration fee.

Introductory session audio:

Contact Durga to start the registration process – after she’s let you know you’re accepted into the program, you may complete your registration by paying below (PayPal buttons will be added soon), or completing your payment as agreed with her. Payment possible by cash, check, PayPal or credit card.

Fee: $250 initial fee plus $30 per month, or $540 for the year paid in full (a $100 savings)

No one turned away for lack of funds

Annual Fee – $540.00

Monthly subscription:

Initial $250.00 payment

Plus 13 payments of $30.00/month

phone 503.422.8346



In this 12-month program, you will learn and utilize some of simplest and deepest spiritual practices available. One on one work with Durga makes this work even more powerful.

You will receive:

  • One video conference meeting with Durga per month
  • Ongoing practice assignments
  • Ongoing online support to help you stay focused in your process
  • Access to recorded teachings and meditations online

Are you ready for a truly human life?


The “Your Year to Live” class has really been helpful and provided something I didn’t know I needed. Talking about death and its many facets is useful, but engaging the subject deeply with a small group over time is very satisfying. A lot of nagging questions and feelings have been addressed and a richer view of that other end of life has been put in place.

Susan M., Graphics Professional, Beaverton, OR

This book group has been such a great process around death, dying and grief. I heartily recommend it. Durga Fuller is a fantastic facilitator. It’s been thought provoking on so many levels. Durga provides a safe place for process and ceremony and I look forward to our monthly class.

Rachael C., Early Childhood Educator, Newberg, OR

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To set one up, email me with times that work for you and your topics of interest.

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